• Your facebook application in marketplace
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With more than 900 million users worldwide, Facebook has become a place for the exchange of information between users. This is an opportunity to transform this space into a place where you can interact with your prospective customers.
Publish your products, your customers transform future shoppers, animate your sales ... put all the chances on your side to improve your brand image and sales even higher.

Post Your Shop on Facebook

Facebook offers several features that you can use to create a buzz about your products. All the strength of Facebook is its ability to engage your customers in promoting your products. So, try your network!

Let us manage your page

To boost your sales quickly, we offer you a service to accompany you in the first steps, creation, animation and behavior analysis everything is implemented to improve your traffic and increase your fans.

Your facebook shop in MOBILE

Increase your numbers FAN, publish your catalog, are accessible at all times ... enjoy the power & torque FACEBOOK MOBILE presence for any mobility. In addition to creating your facebook shop, you can synchronize your items in your shop with the F-MOBILE, generate traffic, and collect the advice of your fans...

F in your shop MARKETPLACE

Be present and visible in publishing your products MARKETPLACE. Sell your products in a rapidly expanding market and with millions of potential buyers. Enjoy the power to animate your facebook sales.