Minecraft Server Hosting

  • Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2 x 2TB SATA3
  • 200Mbps Bandwidth
  • 200 slots
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  • Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2 x 120GB SSD
  • 200Mbps Bandwidth
  • 250 Slots
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  • Intel Core i7-920
  • 48GB RAM
  • 2 x 2TB - SATA2
  • 200Mbps Bandwidth
  • 350 slots
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Minecraft dedicated server provided by World Cloud Hosting deliver greater freedom of action with 100% dedicated resources. You can take advantage of the full potential of best minecraft hosts without worrying about your server's software or hardware equipment.

Minecraft Dedicated Server Offer

We offer 3 types of dedicated servers: The Minecraft i7 with 48GB DDR3 and 2x2TB SATA2, the Minecraft Xeon E3 with 32GB DDR3 2x2TB SATA3 and finally Minecraft Xeon E3 SSD with 32GB DDR3 and 2x120 GB SSD. All these servers will ensure a 99.9% availability. You will also use McMyAdmin control panel for free so you can easily manage and administer your Minecraft tekkit server hosting.

Actually, as top 10 dedicated server hosting companies, World Cloud Hosting notices that its customers are totally in need for a cheap dedicated minecraft server, for some reasons related mainly to the tight budget that anyone could suffer. Tekkit server hosts is not that complicated server which necessitate complicated installation; it is simply the best Minecraft hosts offered both for a singular or a multiplayer gaming group. In addition, minecraft dedicated server host does not touch to your budget limits, it consists once on the low cost and the best performance; for this it is known as cheap dedicated minecraft server. Minecraft dedicated host is not an unreachable dream, so everyone should seize the opportunity to have it to tackle any probable problem that would face you system life time.
Then, the best minecraft hosts from World Cloud Hosting, along with a wide range of other servers, aim to afford full manipulation over any system without any obstacles that were once a hard task to deal with. As far as Minecraft tekkit server hosting is concerned, our experts endow all customers the chance to have all what they are actually looking for without the fact of being worry what to choose; the solution is so simple regardless to the budget issue or the time and energy consumption: Tekkit server hosts is the sole way to guarantee the success of your choice.

Minecraft Dedicated Servers, the real survival challenge will begin!

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Taxes, wages, interest ... Become a crafter capitalist!


Manage your entire server with many additional features.


Allows the automation of cars and lots of other things!


Official Plugin rights management and users


Adds key commands for your server.


Can edit the map in real time directly on the server.


Add shops to sell your gems!


You can set the maximum size of your card


32 GB 32 GB 48 GB


Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 4x3.4GHz Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 4x3.4GHz Intel Core i7-920 4x3.1GHz

Disk Space

2 x 2TB SATA3 2 x 120 GB SSD 2 x 2TB - SATA2

Operating System

CentOS CentOS CentOS

Suggested Nbre

200 slots 250 slots 350 slots


200 Mbps 200 Mbps 200 Mbps


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Minecraft Server

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Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Dedicated IPs

1 1 1


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